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  There is a lot of information available regarding alternative medicine.
The links partners below may be of interest to you.

Alternative Health Links to Explore

Kan Herb Company - Chinese herbal products you can trust. All herbal extracts and tablets are made in the United States. Careful testing is done ensure that pesticide and/or heavy metal contamination is not a problem. Optimum extraction techniques are used for each component. Drs. Flynn and Kelly have arranged with Kan Herbal Company to allow patients to order prescribed herbal medicines online.
Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Health-info - Chinese medicine & Acupuncture (TCM) information for students, practitioners, and patients. Complete with pictures and information on over 300 Chinese herbs & formulas, Tuina massage, disease treatment, diet, and much more.
Spine Universe - The World Leader in Back Pain Care - use our back pain guide to learn more about your diagnosis and treatment.
Complementary Healthcare Information Service - UK - The UK's guide to alternative and complementary medicine, self development and natural health.