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Facial Acupuncture

Hey guys, so today I’m going to talk to you about Acupuncture and thanks to my friend Maryna over there. She in~ she invited us today to do Acupuncture, so we’re going to have beauty effects. Slimming healthy detox effects, although I must say that you need to do it more than one time But, you’re gonna see Oh, around ten times. But you’re going to see a benefits from the first time and for me. I have knee problem because last year I had knee surgeries, so the doctor is going to focus on the knee area as well and hopefully loosen the muscles because it gets very tight and a bit sort of like what they say water on the knees or Swelling all that kind of stuff.

So hopefully he’s going to help Anyway, let’s let’s have a look Alright, so the doctor’s putting Argh, needles in, specific areas, and if it hurts that it means that you have a problem, usually. So, typically my knee is going to hurt quite a bit. Just gotta try and relax After these get put in, you stay for about 30 minutes, And the needles sometimes work their way out of the body The ones in the legs, is it for relaxing the muscles? – Oh okay, so it’s helpful for detoxing your body, for the circulation, for your blood circulation. Also, if you have a problem … going to the toilet. I guess that’s a big problem in China. A lot of people have this too much deep like Toxins? ~ yeah, too much toxin Sometimes I have like swollen legs, this also helps, and it helps you to lose fat if you don’t need it. Nice. So actually it’s perfect For your knees, he put because you have a problem.

Yeah Okay, thank you. ~ Thank you How many years is he been doing this? 40 years! 40? 1977 he starts to do acupuncture Wow… So this is where we should go haha. Pain is a beauty… But actually, it’s not that painful like if you are doing injection Yeah for sure And liposuction Oh~ I never did, but I think it’s less pain. Mm-hmm. You are going to have bruises everywhere But yeah, ~from six times I did, I lost 2 kilos already That’s good ~ It’s working. Why are you working only in the mornings? The afternoon he is working in a different Hospital. This is his place, And Maryna was saying you have a book? The traditional medicine with What part of the body, for which part or is it more about what you have studied. He has around 37 books, so it’s many books, not just one.

Wow~ So for what we did today for the points that we did this is more like lifting for beauty like Botox or something like this Is it something about kind of detox as well like a lot of girls want this skinny face to remove some like puffy from the under eyes, or I don’t know like Because you have the thyroid, so you need to like, you know, everything needs to like leave the body But also I remember this point here was about like Or yeah, just like He said it’s not just, it’s for your beauty, it’s for detoxing it will make you younger, for slow your ‘process’ you know? Like I mean that and also vitaminize your skin So hopefully I need to do more for my knee because I broke the kneecap. So I do have the swelling and tightness. So I feel better these days, and I hope to do more therapy like acupuncture for my knee. There’s not really a lot you can do because as my doctor said I could not run. I cannot do squats hardly can walk the stairs. So there’s not really a lot of things I can do like stretching is not really going to be perfect. Although I am going to do yoga~ So this kind of like therapeutic systems they’re going to help you from inside as well So help your ligaments and your muscles and as the doctor said it would relax the body Perfect! Because we live in Shanghai and you’re stressful too busy Yeah, I think it’s great.

So pollution, we want to target pollution late nights, tiredness And be beautiful! So I want to say thank you ~ So here’s a little look at all of the books that the acupuncture doctor has written I’m super impressed. This is amazing. So what do we have here? Okay, let’s have a look at this So as I thought it’s talking about the meridians in the body This is.. yeah the acupressure points. And actually I am quite sad that it’s not in English. Because I would read these like as a Bible Yeah, I would read these as a Bible because everybody has problems it’s got food as well see look, this is for the knees So this one’s about food here Massage ~ Oh, this one looks cool.

This red one down here Actually, I am starting to learn how to read Chinese but, to read a whole book it’s going to take quite a while, but There are people here who are easy to translate so there are no problems really and I’m going to link in the description box for his WeChat ID for his private bookings. If you’re coming to Shanghai and you need some Therapies, and you’ve never tried before I would definitely recommend coming here. This is the most traditional you’re going to get, and yeah, I only have like one little spot here which was Left a mark, but I think it’s going to be fine I need to like probably dab it later because it’s just a little bit of blood.

Apart from that, feeling good feeling strong ready for yoga later today. All Right. See you guys later You.